Planning for Prosperity w/Madison Wealth Managers

Planning for Prosperity | Sundays 12pm-1pm || 888-376-6460

From the pages to the airwaves, following their partnership in writing the "Planning for Prosperity" book series John Daley and Michael Brown are combining efforts once again. As part of their ongoing commitment to the Capital District, the Planning for Prosperity Show will feature local experts and contributors. Each week the radio program will highlight issues and topics essential to wealth management. 

With a focus on the second half of the average American’s investment lifetime, this weekly platform introduces individuals to the sound principles of asset management, tax strategies, estate planning and institutional style investing which, in the past, was reserved for only the very wealthy. 

John and Michael, two well known advisers who focus on financial planning and advice, get to the heart of addressing individual investors, retirees, pre-retirees and business owners concerns about money management and their plans for the future by offering advice based on needs and process, not products.

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