More Reports of Local Scams

Local scams continue to plague the area.

In Watervliet, police say several people reported receiving phone calls from National Grid, saying their bill was overdue and that their service was about to be discontinued.

However, this can be easily remedied by going to Rite Aid, purchasing a money gram, and paying the bill immediately.

Besides this red flag, Watervliet Police Chief Mark Spain says another thing to watch for is if you receive a phone call, telling you to call another number.

"When you call back the number, and you start to question them, which our guys have done, they've cursed at us, they've let us know that it's not authentic."

Spain adds that companies do not do business in that manner.

"Think about it. A reputable company is not going to ask you to purchase a gift card to make payment to them. They're going to try to get a routing number from you, or something like that."

In Waterford, a woman received a text message supposedly from Key Bank, saying she had to provide her banking information and Social Security number.

Key Bank recently released a statement, saying customers should be wary of unsolicited requests for any confidential information.

Photo: Getty Images

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