The New Area Codes Are Here!

Those in Central and Eastern New York will have to get used to dialing more digits as new area code overlays take effect.

Starting this weekend, everyone in the 315 area code must dial the area code, followed by the 7-digit number, even for local calls.

As of March 11th, the new area code of 680 will be added as an, "overlay" in the district to meet demand for new phone numbers.

The Public Service Commission also approved an overlay in the 518 region.

Starting March 18th, people in the region should start dialing 10-digits for all calls.

However, it will not be mandatory until August 19th, when the grace period allowing 7-digit dialing ends.

Starting September 19th, new numbers in the 518 region will get an 838 area code.

Photo: Getty Images

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