Man Stuck in Window, It's Kelly's Stupid Criminals

A woman in Florida drove drunkenly into a ditch and when police asked her if she was injured the woman replied that she was dead her mugshot can be seen below. In New Brunswick two men have been arrested for allegedly going to McDonald's drive-thru drunk and on their couch with helmets on, the couch was being towed by a ATV. No word on what they ordered from McDonald's but at least they were wearing helmets. The video can be seen by clicking here. A burglar gets caught trying to rob a house when he gets stuck in a window, The police joked around saying he was "framed" you can see that picture below. Listen to those and much more in Kelly's Stupid Criminals.

Photo: Greater Manchester Police

Woman tells police she's dead after she gets in a car crash.

Photo: Florida Highway Patrol

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