Program to Support Housing for Convicts Added in Schenectady

Clouds For Days

Schenectady is one of three cities in New York that are included in a program that will  assist former convicts to secure housing.

A pilot program will provide funding to help pay for what is referred to as careful screening to select people who have been formerly incarcerated to live with their families in public housing.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's office announced on Friday that Schenectady, Syracuse, and White Plains will participate in a program that will be funded by New York Department of State and Supported by State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.  A news release indicates that the three cities "heeded a call from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to allow carefully screened and monitored people with convictions to live in public housing with their families. "

Governor Cuomo's press release does not indicate how long the pilot program will last, how many people will be helped, or the associated costs.  It does explain aspects of the plan, saying that NYS will provide funding for case management to track the individual and the Department of Correction and Community Supervision will monitor participants through their parole officers and undertake home visits.

The expressed hope is that the program will help individuals reintegrate into the community and make it less likely that they will become homeless.

Richard Homenick, Executive Director for the Schenectady Public Housing Authority says he is optimistic about the plan.

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