Three Facing Murder Charges in Amsterdam Homicide

Three people, two of them brothers, are now facing murder charges after the shooting death of a 23-year-old man. The body of Alexander Martuscello was found early Thursday in his Glen Ave. home, but Police Chief Greg Culick says it does not appear that Martuscello was specifically targeted.

Instead, he says the three suspects, Christopher Malave, Jr, and Anthony & Raymond Matros, may have been looking to settle some kind of “on-going beef” with the three people who lived in the Glen Ave. house. But he says the whole thing went “horribly awry” when Martuscello was killed instantly from a single gunshot.

Culick says this was a “senseless” tragedy, and admits even his own detectives were upset after interviewing the trio yesterday. They’re just kids, he says, and this is “now the rest of their lives.”

Malave and the Matros brothers were in court last night in Amsterdam, and remain behind bars at the Montgomery County jail. A spokesperson for the Montgomery County DA’s office says it is unlikely any of the three suspects would be offered any kind of a plea deal.

A State Police K-9 found the murder weapon underneath a wood pile several houses away from the Glen Ave. house. Culick is commending his officers for what he says was one of the quickest arrests he’s seen in a cime of this nature.

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