Major Increase: 1 in 5 High School Students Using E-Cigarettes in NY

E-cigarette use has nearly doubled among high school students in the last two years in New York state.

According to a survey released by the New York State Department of Health 10.5 percent of high school students reported that they were using e-cigarettes in 2014.  In 2016, that number jumped to 20.6.

"These startling numbers demonstrate both the overwhelming success of New York's anti-smoking programs – which have led to record ‎low teen cigarette use – and the need to close dangerous loopholes that leave e-cigarettes unregulated," Governor Cuomo said.

The survey's good news is that the New York State high school student smoking rate was at a record low in 2016 at 4.3 percent. 

Health officials are trying to get the message out that despite their sweet flavor, most e-cigarettes contain nicotine and are harmful to users. Governor Cuomo's 2018 Executive Budget proposes regulating e-cigarettes in a similar manner as traditional cigarettes. This would include e-cigarettes in the state's indoor air law.  It would also impose a 10 cent per milliliter levy on vapor products.

Click Here For Access to Health Department Survey on Teen Tobacco Use.

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