'Massive Organized Theft Ring' Busted in NY

Photo: Getty Images

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced one of the largest busts of a retail theft ring on Wednesday.

The investigation, called "Operation Sticky Fingers" has charged 12 people with stealing over $12 million in high-end electronics and ink cartridges.

During “Operation Sticky Fingers,” a ten-month investigation conducted by the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force with support from the New York State Police, law enforcement seized more than 5,300 stolen electronics and ink cartridges from the enterprise’s alleged kingpin, Richard Rimbaugh; the enterprise’s alleged theft crew manager, George Athanasatos; and from various alleged members of the theft crews. In addition, investigators seized more than $7.7 million dollars from the defendants’ homes, financial institutions, and Amazon and PayPal merchant accounts.

AG Schneiderman alleges that kingpin Richard Rimbaugh has been directing the crews and reselling stolen merchandise for over 20 years. 

The stolen goods are said to have been turned around and resold on Amazon and eBay.

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