American Red Cross In Need of More Donors after Blizzard

American Red Cross is asking all eligible donors to give, after the latest winter storm forced another cancellation of blood drives, resulting in the loss of blood and platelets donations.

A.R.C. Regional Communications Manager, Patty Corvaia, believes in the serious, never-ending need for blood.

"People going through chemotherapy, undergoing heart surgery, for a variety of things, they need blood, not to mention people who have a trauma situation, burn victims, they all need blood, and it's the blood on the shelves that saves lives."

Corvaia says there is a critical need for platelet and type O negative donors.

"We had 56 blood drives cancelled, and our blood donation centers, some of them across the state, had to shut down because of the terrible storm that we had, and that created a loss of close to 1500 units."

If you are eligible to donate, call 1-800-Red-Cross to find a blood drive near you, or type in your zip code at

Photo: Getty Images

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