Handgun Stolen from Lake George Home, Former Roofer Accused

Wheels of Justice are turning slowly in a case involving a stolen gun.

On March 9th, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office arrested 37 year-old Jason T. Stover on Burglary charges related to a stolen gun, but the timeline begins on August 25 of 2015.  At that time, authorities say Stover was working as a roofing installer at home on Cherry Street in Lake George, and was seen inside the residence. 

Stover was arrested the following day in Albany for illegal possession of a handgun, but officials apparently didn't think the gun he had was stolen.

In fact, it wasn't until several days later that the owner of the home on Cherry Street reported that a handgun had been stolen from inside the home. They discovered that it was missing after a fire.

The possession charge of 2015 has already resulted in Stover being sent to prison. 

Now, a year and a half later, Stover has been arraigned in Lake George on the burglary charge.  After his court appearance he was returned to prison to resume his sentence on the possession charge.

Photo provided by Warren County Sheriff's Office.

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