Saratoga School District Addresses 'Liberal Indoctrination' Concerns

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The Saratoga Springs City School District released a statement on Thursday regarding concerns from parents that a World War II lesson associated President Trump with Adolf Hitler and Mussolini.

Here's the complete statement:

In the course of teaching a unit on World War II, a PowerPoint was posted by a teacher for students to reference. The PowerPoint contained political cartoons without any context, which became the focal point of parental concerns.

“These concerns were brought to our attention and an investigation took place,” said Michael Piccirillo, superintendent of schools. “As a result of the investigation, we were made aware of the complete content of the lesson.”

During class, a student debate was facilitated regarding whether or not the media portrayal is fair and/or accurate. Fascism is a concept embedded in the New York State curriculum. The cartoons in question were utilized within this context to present a visual display of potential media bias. The students subsequently researched fascism from a historical context and debated the question in teams. Students were free to debate using any example past or present. The teacher facilitated the student debate and maintained a neutral position throughout.

“We continue to reinforce the District’s policy which states that employees will in no way impair the non-partisan position of the schools,” said Michael Piccirillo.

Here's WGY's story on the matter from Wednesday

A group of Saratoga women who bonded over their like political views and conservative ideals, are challenging the Saratoga School District over what they call leftwing liberal indoctrination.

The “Conservative Chicks” are speaking out after a tenth grader at Saratoga Springs High School came home and told her mother that as part of a discussion about fascism during World War II President Trump was compared to Hitler and Mussolini.

Marnie Messitt whose daughter also took the class is a member of the "Conservative Chicks" and a former educator, she says the school is fear mongering plain and simple, “I think it presents more fear and a more uncomfortable learning atmosphere, especially for kids...who know that their parents did actually vote for Trump...they have to go home and think, is my parent a my parent a racist?"

In an interview with Fox News' Todd Starnes Saratoga Springs City School District Superintendent Michael Piccorillo responded, “The cartoons you referenced were used as examples to introduce a student debate regarding how some media may be portraying our government as exhibiting the early signs of fascism.”

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