State Assemblyman Asking for Better Dam Safety Guidelines

State Republican Assemblyman Pete Lopez is calling for better flood safety measures to prevent possible flooding conditions in the Schoharie Valley.

The area was ripped apart by Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011, and then Tropical Storm Lee put down some more heavy rain, even though most of the damage was already done by Irene.

Lopez and other elected officials recently held an event to address what they call, "community concerns" regarding flooding and flood mitigation, in order to ensure the safety of residents.

Those officials are concerned about the New York Power Authority's Blenheim Gilboa Hydroelectric plant that is up for relicensing.

Lopez says it may be time for some changes from the New York Power Authority Hydroelectric plant, located downstream from the Gilboa dam.

"The dam and the release works may not be sufficient to accommodate projections on what's called the, 'Probable Maximum Flood.' So, their design from years ago, we feel does not accommodate changes in storm frequency and intensity."

The Power Authority released a statement, saying public safety is in fact a top priority with the company.

Some citizens in the valley remain concerned with what they say is the Power Authority's efforts to downplay discussion during the federal relicensing period.

Photo: Getty Images

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