Saratoga County Tops List of Healthiest in the State

Photo: Getty Images

Saratoga County residents are among the healthiest in the state.

Data posted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranks Saratoga County as number one overall when it comes to Health Outcomes in New York State. 

Over 30 metrics were considered, including everything from Physical Inactivity to Driving Alone to Work.  In many categories Saratoga County was about average, but in some aspects of Health Outcomes the county really shines.  95% of Saratoga County residents have health insurance, graduation rates are high, and the numbers of teen births are much lower than the state average. 

Saratoga County does have some areas in need of improvement. The study shows the county’s obesity numbers are higher than the state average and excessive drinking was also flagged.

Albany County ranked 27th and Schenectady came in at 44th. The full list and more detail can be found here.

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