Well-Known Montgomery County Dentist Arrested

A Mohawk Valley dentist, who's already facing at least two lawsuits alleging that he performed unnecessary root canal work, is now looking at a host of criminal charges.  

Dr. Martin Sorbero of Hagaman is accused of forging a patient's signature on a credit card application, and submitting an $11 thousand bill for work he never performed.

Canajoharie Police Chief Bryan Mac Fadden says search warrants were executed at his office and at his home, and a number of other victims have been identified, including one woman who is deceased.

Dr. Sorbero has had a dental practice in Montgomery County for more than 30 years.  Chief Mac Fadden says the community actually recruited Sorbero while he was in dental school, and brought him to Canajoharie, where he was provided with an office and equipment.

But it appears Dr. Sorbero is facing legal trouble in another arena--for allegedly doing too much work. 

Delmar attorney Lee Greenstein confirms that he has filed paperwork to bring suit in at least two cases, including a Montgomery County woman who claims he performed 6 unwarranted root canal procedures on her over a 4-month period.   Plaintiff Kathie Ryan claims the 6 teeth in question were not fractured or abscessed, and she had no symptoms that would have suggested the procedure was necessary.

Ryan is reportedly seeking punitive damages in the case.

Photo:  New York State Police

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