Child Health Insurance Program Faces Renewal

Many people together in Glens Falls to push for renewal of the Child Health Insurance Program or C.H.I.P., which could expire by the end of September if Congress does not renew funding.

The sister state program of CH.I.P., Child Health Plus, receives the majority of its funding from C.H.I.P.

As a result of its expiration, 330,000 children across the state could lose coverage, including 20,000 children in the Capital Region.

Rachel Seebode has a seven-year-old daughter who is disabled and is on medicaid, which means they are always visiting a clinic.

She spoke with News Channel 13, saying she has another daughter, who is relatively healthy, but relies on Child Health Plus for insurance coverage.

"Health insurance rates for us are very expensive through the hospital, and I only work there part-time, so it would be an extra probably $400-500 a month for Gabriella."

C.H.I.P. was passed in 1997, and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who was in attendance, says the program faced previous expiration, but was renewed.

"It was close last time, it was 2015, it was a struggle, and now you have the whole fight, this is not part of that fight, but the whole fight over A.C.A., the Affordable Care Act."

Photo: Getty Images

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