Albany's Mayor Signs Sanctuary City Order

Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan has signed an executive order re-affirming the city as a "sanctuary city."

Sheehan's order basically states that no one who comes in contact with the city's police department, either as a victim, witness, or as someone seeking help, will be asked about his or her citizenship status, except when necessary to investigate possible criminal activity by that person. 

Sheehan's order says that consistent with federal law, the Albany PD will not act as federal immigration officers.  The mayor's order also covers other municipal departments as well.  No one will ask about citizenship status when providing city services.  

The Trump administration has threatened to take away federal funds from so-called "sanctuary cities," and has ordered nine cities to prove that they are not in violation of federal law.  They have until June 30th to make their case.

photo:  WGY News

Here is the statement from the mayor's office:

Mayor Kathy Sheehan Issues Executive Order

Reaffirming the City of Albany’s Commitment to 

Community Policing and Protecting Immigrants


ALBANY, NY - Today, Mayor Kathy Sheehan issued Executive Order No. 1-17, reaffirming the City of Albany’s commitment to community policing and protecting immigrants. The Albany Police Department’s policy is, and with this executive order continues to be, that individuals, including a crime victim, witness, or person seeking assistance, will not be questioned by the Albany Police Department based on their immigration or citizenship status, except when necessary to investigate criminal activity by that individual.

The Albany Police Department will not collect information regarding immigration or citizenship status and will prohibit the use or disclosure of such information, except as required by law. Consistent with federal law, the Albany Police Department and its officers will not act as federal immigration officers.

Executive Order No. 1-17 also prohibits other City Departments from requesting proof of an individual’s citizenship status when providing City services.

“I am committed to ensuring that equity and social justice guide all City of Albany decisions, and this Executive Order is another example of that commitment,” said City of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan. “It is a fact that our City is safer because of the trust, relationships, and partnerships cultivated in our neighborhoods as a result of community policing and 21st century policing strategies. The Albany Police Department works diligently to protect all individuals, and our residents and visitors should not be afraid to contact the police if they are the victim or witness of a crime because they are concerned the police will inquire about their immigration status.”

“The Albany community is proud of Mayor Sheehan for standing up for the rights of our immigrant community and proving once more that we are an inclusive, vibrant city,” said Melanie Trimble, Capital Region Chapter Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. “Police officers have no business doing the work of federal immigration agents and they should not aid the Trump regime’s deportation force.”

To view Executive Order No. 1-17, please see the attached PDF, or visit


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