Police Break Up Party with Nearly 800 Attendees

If you were in or around Schodack Island State Park yesterday, you may have noticed a heavy police presence.

"Lots of people, and they were all drinking and partying, and I just said to my husband, "Uh oh, it's gonna be trouble."

That is one camper, speaking with News Channel 13 about the scene at the park.

Police were called to the park and shut down a college party of about 800 people after it had apparently gotten out of hand.

Many campers did not find the party appropriate for the park, and police say the group did not have the proper permit for the crowd size.

Another camper told News Channel 13 that the party was supposed to be about 300-400 people, but turned out to be more like 800.

"It did reek pretty good of the marijuana smell, and a lot of drinking, a lot of partying."

No injuries or arrests are currently being reported.

Photo: Getty Images

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