Medical Marijuana Expands in New York

With the addition of Chronic Pain as a qualifying condition for the prescription of medical marijuana, New York State officials say the number of patients utilizing the program jumped by 18%.  As of May 2017, over 18 thousand are certified for the program. 

In a news release, Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker says, “As we have said from the very beginning, we will continue to grow this program responsibly and help ease the suffering of those who may benefit from this treatment option.”

Some of the increase may also be related to expanded access.  Taking account of recommendations from a two-year report, the Health Department recently expanded access to prescribers by allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to certify patients for medical marijuana.  The Department of Health says adding those professional has increased the number of providers by 10%.

Another recommendation from the two-year report called to make it easier for patients to find a provider. A list of practitioners registered with New York’s Medical Marijuana program who have consented to be publicly listed is now available on the Department’s website at:

This may not include all who are certified practitioners.  The Department says it is prohibited from publicly posting a registered practitioner’s information without that practitioner’s consent. 

For those seeking treatment, the final step is finding a place to fill the prescription.  

New York State Health Department provides this link for a list of dispensing facility locations and their websites:


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