Thousands of Area Residents Still Without Power

It is slowly getting better, but there are still thousands of people without power.

6,700 customers of National Grid and NYSEG are still sitting in the dark, after surges of wind swept through parts of the area. 

The hardest hit County is Columbia, with nearly 3,400 customers without electricity.

There are also outages in Rensselaer and Washington Counties.

Schodack resident Jim Nichols told News Channel 13 that things started getting bad a little after 4 PM.

"I could see the big maples in the front just leaning, and I said, 'Oh, that's not good,' and I come back downstairs and, all of a sudden, all the power went out."

National Grid says customers in Columbia, Rensselaer, and Washington Counties may not get their power back until 6 PM tonight.

NYSEG says they have brought in extra crews to work on getting power back to customers, and also aid in restoration of the company's electrical distribution system.

At its height, there were about 25,000 customers of both companies without power.

Photo: Getty Images

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