Shaping State University of New York's Future

"We're focusing on food insecurity, mental health,  we're focusing veteran's issues, students of color, we're focusing on gender inclusivity on campus, we're focusing again on those issues that are not theoretical or at the 30-thousand foot level, but that affect students each and every day." -Marc J. Cohen

New York State's University system is touted as one of the best in the nation.

We hear that from the governor, we hear that from the New York State Education Department, we hear that from the United University Professions, but one group we rarely hear analysis from is the students themselves.

Marc J. Cohen has been elected for a second year as President of the SUNY Student Assembly.  It's an important job to fill, representing the 600-thousand students enrolled at SUNY as a member of the University Board of Trustees.

Cohen is pursuing a Master's degree in Public Administration after having completed a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.  This will be good training ground for any future political office he may hope to fill.  SUNY's student population is a diverse group by any measure.

In this podcast Cohen talks about student reaction to the free tuition plan, quality of instructors, infrastructure and career readiness.

Cohen says he'd like to see even more aid for students with financial need, and more investment in infrastructure and technology.

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