Chuck's Blog: Guilty In Lake George. Buh, Bye Alex

Alex West is guilty.  A jury now says so and my first reaction is relief.  I was afraid the 26-year old might wiggle off the hook after a paperwork error made a blood test that showed him with cocaine, ecstasy, booze and marijuana in his system inadmissible in his trial for killing 8-year old Charlotte McCue. 

The facts are West had drugs in his system and he ran after he hit the McCue boat on Lake George last July.  No one on West's vessel even had the decency to call 911 until the next morning.  Great job by the jury who came to the obvious conclusion of guilt (in my opinion) and convicted West without benefit of the drug test results. - Chuck 

Kelly and I talked about the verdict this morning:  

And we broke down the verdict with WGY Legal Analyst Paul Harding of Martin, Harding and Mazzotti.   West could get up to 22 years in prison, but how much time will he actually spend behind bars?  Could he win an appeal?

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