Chuck's Blog: Comey Gone. Calm Down.

Here is where we're at in America in 2017:  If you hate Trump, you've already decided the firing of now-former FBI Director James Comey is proof the Trump administration is trying to kill the Russia investigation. If you're a Trump supporter, you take at face value the explanation that Comey has made many mistakes that angered both Democrats and Republicans, and President Trump has a right to install someone who instills more confidence in the agency.  Me?  I'll wait for the facts to be uncovered before I reach a definitive conclusion.  I'm just funny that way. 

I do know this, politicians are weasels.  The Republicans hated Comey when he let Hillary off the hook last summer despite evidence she broke the law, then loved him in October when he dropped the Huma-Weiner laptop bombshell.  The Dems, led by "King Of The Weasels", New York's own, Chuck Schumer, have been ripping Comey for months while questioning his integrity and professing a lack of faith in him.  Now they're angry Comey has been fired.  This is us - 2017. 

Facts:  Whether or not there's evidence of actual collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, the Democrats want to keep the scandal going as long as possible.  The Republicans are desperate to make it go away. What happens next?  I'm not sure, but the investigation will continue even without Comey.  At this point, the only thing I'm betting on is that in the next few days or weeks, James Comey will be working at either CNN or MSNBC....if he's not already at ABC, CBS or NBC by then. - Chuck 

Kelly and I talked about the Comey firing this morning: 

We also talked to WGY National Political Reporter Joe Gomez in Washington: 

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