Mastroianni's Bakery is Back!

"This fat guy's nightmare is over."   

That's how one 810/103.1 WGY listener responded this morning upon hearing that Mastroianni's Bakery is back in business.  

The company ended its operations last summer after more than 90 years of making Italian bread and soft rolls, putting a big hole in a lot of family meals as a result.  Former CEO Warren Zeiser says an experienced baking company, Pumilia Pizza Shells, stepped in, acquired the company following a bankruptcy auction, and has been working to perfect the recipes and the baking process over the last few months.   

As a result, the bread and rolls are back on the  

Zeiser says Price Chopper/Market 32 has become the first supermarket to agree to once again carry the popular bread and rolls, and he says they should be available almost immediately.

Other outlets, such as Hannaford and ShopRite, are expected to follow suit at some point in the near future.

For the moment, only the Italian bread and soft rolls under the Mastroianni name will be available.  Zeiser says that is being done as a tribute to the original eight Mastroianni brothers.  Other Mastroianni's products will be on the shelves at what Zeiser calls a "strategic" pace.

photo:  WGY news

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