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"Right now in the United States and in NY specifically, there is something called the middle-skills gap. There are many, many jobs and there are no workers."  

-Dr. Valerie Kelsey, Deputy Director Capital Region BOCES CTE

In a time when student loan debt has reached epidemic proportions, many families are questioning the certainty that a college degree will lead to prosperity.

While many professions require higher education and will make investing in student loans pay off in the long run, there are many other professions that high school students and their families should also consider.

Capital Region BOCES has been educating students for careers for generations.  It's one spoke of the larger Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) program, which typically works in concert with public high schools, offering training for a variety of careers that don't necessarily require a college diploma.  It's an attractive option for many families because tuition is paid through their school district and the job training often leads to lucrative jobs.  Teens spend half of their time learning trades and other job skills while completing their high school diploma requirements.

Valerie Kelsey is the Deputy Director of the Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School.   In this podcast she talks about the range of offerings, the logistics of the programs, and the success rates of student employment.

For many students, BOCES programs turn into a stepping stone to other career options and/or higher ed. 

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