Saratoga Lake Cruises Now Offered on Boat Styled from 1900's

Adirondack Cruise and Charter on Saratoga Lake will be keeping with tradition this boating season.

The year-old company provided cruises to more than 800 people in its first year with one 9-passenger pontoon boat.

Now, the company has made an addition to its fleet: A 1900's Fantail Launch.

Starting today, Owner Hal Raven says you can take a small trip back in time.

"Very classic-looking, like the old sea boats; we found a 50-foot boat in Wisconsin that's basically designed after the early 1900 fantail launches, and we were able to acquire that."

Raven says it is exactly what they were looking for.

"Saratoga Lake always had a rich tradition of the old sea boat rides; taking people for rides out on the boats in the early 1900's, so we wanted to maintain that tradition."

The vessel can seat up to 30.

Tickets are available for a variety of cruises, or the boat can be privately chartered.

More information is available at

Photo: Getty Images

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