Can Troy's Swimming Pools Open?

Three girls dive in a swimming pool on August 19, 2009 in the eastern German town of Radebeul with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Germany's hot summer weather is expected to reach 35 degrees Celsius on August 20, 2009. AFP PHOTO  DDP/  NORBERT MI

It looks like the gates will be locked this summer at Troy's two municipal swimming pools.  

A new engineering report says it will cost at least $2.4 million, and maybe as much as $4 million to fix the South Troy and Knickerbacker facilities, and bring them up to ADA standards.  

Mayor Patrick Madden has said this only re-affirms his position that repairs would be too expensive, and he stands by his decision to keep them closed for the summer.

City Council president Carmella Mantello says it puts the long-term future of the pools into question as well.  "Everyone really needs to get together and figure out the future of our summer youth programs, and the pools.  Are the pools even feasible?" she asked.

"I'm concerned that children will go to other areas, like the (Hudson) river, the creeks, areas that are not safe," she said.

The city says about 150 people, mostly kids, have historically used the pools on a daily basis.  

photo:  Getty Images

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