Shenendehowa High Designating Prayer Rooms During Ramadan

GAZA CITY, GAZA - AUGUST 8:  A Palestinian from a small farming community prays in the local mosque August 8, 2005 in the north Gaza Strip. Israel, which is set to begin the pullout of all 21 Gaza settlements and four more in the West Bank next week, has Photo: Getty Images

One of the area's largest high schools will be designating rooms for prayer for Muslim students and staff for Ramadan.

The month long holiday runs from May 27th until June 24th with Muslims fasting and praying during daylight hours.  

Officials at Shenendehowa High School say the room will be available to anyone needing to fulfill a religious obligation for prayer.

Parents received a letter from Shen officials saying that idea came from the students, and they say it will not impact daily operations at the High School.

The school addressed the matter on their website after a concerned parent wrote in. CLICK HERE to see the question and the school's response.

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