The Beginning of "Motorcycle Season"

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Over 700,000 are licensed to do so in the State of New York.

"Motorcycling is a joyful, fun experience; seeing New York State and the scenic places that are here, on a motorcycle, is something that I can't explain, you just have to go try it, it is amazing."

Ben Zadrozny is the Program Manager of the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program, which teaches beginning and advanced motorcycle operating classes.

He says his program trains about 18,000 new riders each year.

As amazing as riding around New York can be, Zadrozny says his class teaches riders to, "stay present," to wear all the right gear all the time, and how to avoid the most dangerous traffic scenarios.

"We train our students to be conspicuous in their lane position, to be out of blind spots, to wear conspicuously bright, reflective gear, to keep them safer and much more visible."

Non-riders or car drivers, Zadrozny says, need to resist distractions.

He says distracted driving is one of the biggest risks for motorcyclists.

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