New Life for an Almost Forgotten Schenectady Park

Demolition is underway on a long-abandoned building in the 700 block of Crane St. in Schenectady.  It's the last of five in that area of the city, and is part of an overall re-development of a small park currently accessible only by a narrow path and an alley......and, oh yes; a hole in a fence.  

Mayor Gary McCarthy admittedly has some big plans for that section of Mont Pleasant. "I want a commercial corridor here that reflects what it used to be, 20 years ago," the mayor said.  "and that's not going to happen overnight."

The city recently received a state grant to allow for a re-design of Orchard Park, additional playground equipment, and improved lighting for public safety.

Tentative timetable on the project calls for it to be finished by late next year.

Photo:  WGY News

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