Upstate Issues: Girls on the Run

How can we help you process what it means to set a goal and keep then working hard to accomplish it? By the end of a practice or the end of the season, the girls have set many many goals and achieved. -LuAnn McCormick, Executive Director Girls on the Run Capital Region.

Setting goals, growing healthier, and supporting one another.  These are some of the things girls are learning with each step they take as part of Girls on the Run.  In this podcast LuAnn McCormick, Executive Director of Girls on the Run Capital Region (GOTRCR) talks about the many ways girls get stronger in this running program.  McCormick talks about why there are no plans for a Boys on the Run, why GOTRCR works with girls in 3rd-8th grade, and why physical ability is not a pre-requisite for the girls or volunteers.

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