New Info Shows P.F.O.A. Levels in Hoosick Falls Exceed E.P.A. Standards

New test results in Hoosick Falls reveal extremely high levels of P.F.O.A. in the groundwater under the Saint Gobain plant on McCaffery Street.

Levels tested over 100-thousand parts per trillion.

Residents are finding this especially alarming with the E.P.A.'s recommendation for drinking water at less than 70-parts per trillion.

One resident, Michelle O'Leary, told News Channel 13 she is blown away by the numbers.

"...Shocking to me, astronomical, I mean, to see a huge number like that, especially without warning, we've been waiting and waiting and waiting, and then for it to just be sprung on you like that, you kind of have to take it all in."

The D.E.C.'s Michael Ryan tells Channel 13 the levels were expected.

"We got a significant area of groundwater contamination associated with each of these sites and even in the village, so it's something that's going to require a thorough evaluation."

A clean-up plan is still in the works.

Ryan says once completed, contamination may get down to non-detect levels.

All testing results will be revealed and a discussion regarding the plan will take place tomorrow night.

Photo: Getty Images

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