Local High School Graduation Ends with Arrest

A Schenectady man is arrested after a brawl at a local high school graduation at Proctors Theatre.

The man got involved when a woman was denied access to the Schenectady High School graduation.

Police say the woman became disruptive with staff when she was told she could not enter because the theater was too crowded.

Police officers are said to have intervened at that point.

Police say 43-year-old Clifton Rock also began yelling and cursing at officers, and became combative when police tried to arrest him.

Witness Wakena Bonds tells News Channel 13 that police were the initial aggressors.

"We see the cops swing three times and punch him in his face. Even if he swung once, why did you need to swing two other times after that?"

One officer tells Channel 13 that Rock became combative when police tried to arrest him.

"On contact, when placing the male into police custody, he swung at one of the officers."

Rock is facing three charges, including resisting arrest.

Photo: Getty Images

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