Great Escape Rescuers Honored by New York State Senate

Photo: Tedisco Honors Great Escape Rescuers

It's a story that's garnered international attention. A 14 year-old Delaware girl who fell 25 feet from the Sky Ride at the Great Escape over the weekend.

The four good Samaritans who assisted in safely rescuing the girl were honored by the State Senate by Senator Jim Tedisco.

Matthew Howard, Sr. of Schenectady, his daughter Leeann Winchell, and Loren Lent of Glenville all played a part. It was Howard who caught the girl as she fell, but he says it was Rey Rivera, who didn’t appear at the ceremony, of Colonie who deserves plenty of praise for reacting quickly.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office now says "human error" appears to be a main factor in the incident. 

The Sky Ride is still closed, pending the outcome of an internal review by park officials.

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