Albany Business Suffers Customer Loss Due to Social Media

"It's affected our business, we've lost some customers for sure."

That is Tom Martin, owner of Albany's Lark Street Tattoo, speaking with News Channel 13 about the backlash, after two employees were profiled on social media as members of the, "Proud Boys."

The alternative-right, “Proud Boys” are self-described as, “western chauvinists” who believe the, “West is best.”

When the news broke, Martin made a statement, which some felt was defending the employees, and he has been doing damage control ever since.

The two employees have since resigned.

Martin has owned the shop since 1993, and says it was heartbreaking to see them go, but a revised statement says Lark Street Tattoo, "supports equal rights of all people, and denounces any group or individual that does not do the same."

One customer told News Channel 13 how she reacted to the news.

"At first, I was just kind of shocked, because it's kind of scary to know that that stuff goes on in our own backyard."

Martin says he hopes all customers will soon begin feeling at ease once again.

"They don't feel safe coming to my shop, and we took that very seriously, and we addressed it; there's no reason to feel that way anymore."

Photo: Getty Images

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