Uber to the Airport? Not So Fast!

It's been almost two weeks since Uber and Lyft went in service in upstate New York.  So, can you get a ride anywhere you want?   Not exactly.

While ride-sharing is now legal across New York state, and both will bring you home from Lark St, there's still an issue, for Uber at least, at Albany Int'l Airport.   

According to airport spokesman Doug Myers, both companies are required to sign a contract that requires them to pay the airport $2 for each pick-up and drop-off.  Lyft did, and they've been operating at the airport since June 29th, with a staging area nearby.   Uber, however, has yet to sign the deal, and that means drivers aren't allowed to make trips there.  

The Albany County Sheriff's Office has said deputies are giving Uber drivers one warning.  The second time, they'll get a ticket for an unclassified misdemanor.  

Myers says they've been working with Uber since late June. He says the permit the company is being asked to sign is the same one they've agreed to at other airports.  

A call to an Uber spokesperson has not yet been returned.

Photo:  Getty Images

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