Chuck's Blog: Adios Moochachio!

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Interviewed By Television Reporter At The White House

OK, so I stole that headline from the New York Daily News but the sentiment is my own.  I thought Anthony Scaramucci's hiring as White House Communications Director was a mistake from the start and it only took President Trump a few days to agree with me.  Now we have a real grown-up in charge with General John Kelly the "big man on campus".  Every new administration has growing pains.  If you remember, Bill Clinton had a particularly rough start.  But now it's the time for President Trump to get the right people in the right positions and get to work. - Chuck 

Kelly and I talked  about the Scaramucci debacle with WGY National Correspondent Joe Gomez:

Interview with Joe Gomez

And you gave us your opinions in our "Give Us 30" segment this morning: 

Give Us 30

Photo: Getty Images

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