The Reason Why Saratoga's Peerless Pool is Closing Early

Some long-overdue improvements are on the way to Peerless Pool at the Saratoga Spa State Park.  While some have asked whether the project could have waited until after Labor Day, Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey emphatically says "no,” because the goal is to have the pool open on time next Spring.

In fact, she says with a "crunched" construction schedule, there are no guarantees that the pool will be able to open by next Memorial Day. 

Harvey says the state is investing nearly $3 million on a new bathhouse to replace the aging facility originally built in 1962. 

She says the pool itself will remain unchanged, but the new bathhouse will be modernized and a lot more kid-friendly.

The work is scheduled to begin on Monday, which means the pool will close three weeks early. 

The smaller Victoria Pool will stay open weekends after Labor Day until September 17th.

Here are some illustrations that show how the renovations will look.

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