Chuck's Blog: Trump Doubles Down. WHY?


Kelly and I were among the very few people who actually had the guts to defend President Trump for saying some of the counter-protesters in Charlottesville... particularly members of Antifa... were partially responsible for the ugliness last weekend. Trump made a fair point. But frankly, he lost me yesterday. Rather than being a leader and realizing he is the President of ALL Americans he inexplicably doubled-downed choosing again to undercut his own agenda. Rather than talking about infrastructure projects and how he's successfully stared-down North Korea, he decided to rip off the scab. His lack of discipline in staying on message is infuriating because, unlike a lot of our fellow citizens, I'm rooting for him to be successful. And, I had a HUGE problem with him saying there were some "very fine people" marching with the white supremacists.  If you march with the bigots, you're not a fine person.   

Kelly and I talked about that, more hateful comments from the KKK and the good news that someone's been arrested for knocking down a Confederate statue in North Carolina.  - Chuck 

Photo: Getty Images

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