Upstate Issues: Type 1 Diabetes Advances

"Now today, 40, 50, 60, even 70 year-olds can get diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes."  -Ray Kimmelblatt, JDRF Northeastern New York Chapter President

Research is leading to big discoveries about Type 1 Diabetes, and research is leading to great medical advances to help control the disease in both children and adults. 

JDRF (formally known as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) is the leading organization funding research to treat and someday eliminate the disease.

In this podcast Ray Kimmelblatt, JDRF Northeastern New York Chapter Executive Director and Kristen Gil, a registered dietitian in the department of pediatrics at Albany Medical Center, talk about the increase in adult diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, advances in treatment and the importance of community for those who are living with the disease.

Learn more about JDRF's outreach programs such as the Sugar Free Gang, Adult T1D Happy Hours and T1D Connections Program, as well facts about managing the disease at

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