Gov. Cuomo Visits U.S. Virgin Islands to View Devastation

Gov. Cuomo is back from a weekend trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, after being invited by the Islands' Governor to assess the damage and figure out what else New York can do to help.

“It was as bad as anything I’ve seen, the entire power system down, every pole snapped like a twig.”

Cuomo adds “They don’t have the resources, they are tourism dependent, and they will probably not be ready for their next tourism season, so it’s a problem”  

Cuomo adds “Every cable, every pole is down, no power on the system, except what they have for generators, the rooftops just blew off, it looks like you popped the lid off a can.”

The governor of the Virgin Islands is a native of Brooklyn, and former NYPD officer.

Photo: Getty Images

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