Upstate Issues: Saratoga Partnership

"In economic development practice there are best practices and everyone kind of does the same thing, but the bottom line these days is talent." -Marty Vanags, President of Saratoga Partnership

Saratoga County is historic, picturesque and renown. It can also be a great place for businesses large and small.

The Saratoga Partnership exists to pursue economic development opportunities while also responding to the needs of existing businesses.

In this podcast Diane Donato and Marty Vanags, President of Saratoga Partnership talk about:

  • Next wave projects
  • Quality of life in Saratoga County
  • Why ride-sharing is so important
  • How geographical diversity creates opportunities
  • How solving problems for existing businesses attracts new business

Listen now to learn more about the big picture of economic development in Saratoga County and Upstate New York.

For more information about Saratoga Partnership:

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