Facelift on the Way for Glenville's Police HQ

The town of Glenville is getting a $1.5 million state public safety grant to spruce up the offices, which haven't really seen an upgrade in about 30 years.  Chief Steve Janik says a major concern is the holding area, which consists of two small rooms with no doors.  Just handcuffs bolted to a bench.

"We want to make that space bigger.  We want to make it safer," Janik said.  "My main goal is to make sure the police officers who work here are safe on a daily basis, and make those improvements so they can stay safe."

Details of the renovation still need to be worked out between the town and the architects.  

"Once that work is done," said Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle, "the town board can make a determination on the extent of the work to be done on the building."

Janik says some of that work has already started, and he's hoping construction can begin within a few months.

photo:  WGY news

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