Good Samaritans Risk Lives To Rescue Elderly Couple Trapped In Burning Car

posted by Reid Mene - 

INJOOn Sunday, husband and wife Carmin and Alejandro Rivera Sr. were driving about an hour away from Manhattan when their life flashed before there eyes.

The Riveras were driving down the highway when a tire blew out on their car, causing them to lose control of their Subaru. It was then that they ended up swerving out of their lane and smashed underneath a tanker truck.

Thankfully, there were onlookers present who, without thought, took action, risking their lives for their fellow man.

Witness Jackie Welch told reporters at ABC News affiliate WABC:

“Everybody just ran across the highway, even with flames coming out of the gas tank from the car. Nobody knew if it was going to blow up, or if it was a fuel tanker and nobody cared.”

In a video taken by the witness, people are shown crawling under the truck in an attempt to rescue the couple, struggling to get to them before the car potentially blew up in flames.

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