Branch of Schenectady Public Library to be Built on Crane Street

Crews were busy taking down the former Chubby's Pizza on Crane Street in Schenectady.

Holly Velano tells News Channel 13 that local leaders have wanted to revitalize the area, which has been the scene of high levels of police activity over the years.

"It's been a problem for many, many years, hundreds and hundreds of complaints about it, so we're happy to take control and make something positive happen in this area of the city."

Set to go up at the site will be a new branch of the Schenectady Public Library: the Mont Pleasant Branch Library and Literacy Center.

Patricia Smith of the Mont Pleasant Neighborhood Association spoke with News Channel 13.

"This is a start for the kids in the neighborhood, they're going to have an educational place to be, education is key and power to raising people up out of poverty; this is just the most wonderful thing, one of the first starters to Mont Pleasant being revitalized."

Photo: Getty Images

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