Albany Police Set to Begin Wearing Body Cameras

A new tool is being rolled out for use by Albany police officers. 

On Monday, the department will start training patrol units with body cameras. Training will take place over the next several weeks and will be rolled out by station. The hope is to build a trust within the community as well as to improve transparency. 

Acting Police Chief Robert Sears says it will also greatly increase the department's accountability, "Our goal is to use this to it's every little ounce of utility that we can."

Eventually, the cameras will be worn by all uniformed officers and even some detectives. Purchase was made possible with a $133,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance which the department matched.

All video will be saved for a 180-day period and some situations will be kept forever. Those include arrests and use of force.

CLICK HERE to read Albany PD's body camera policy.

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