Fake Money Making its Way Across Bars

Counterfeit bills are making their way around Schenectady.

Horses Lounge Tavern owner Christian Fritzen tells News Channel 13 his staff has seen several denominations cross the bar, and adds that he understands those handing over the bills may themselves not realize the bills are fake.

"I don't want to cause any type of conflict in the bar; somebody could be totally incident, that just cashed their paycheck, and then, we're taking a $50 bill from them."

Business owners are obligated to retain the counterfeit bills and not pass them on to other customers.

In response to receiving several fake bills, Fritzen added a fluorescent light scanner to the bar's counterfeit-detecting pen.

"In the past, one of my bartenders had a $50 bill that she struck with our pen, and it was not a real bill, so she gave it back to the customer, and they took a different form of payment."

Fritzen's staff have also detected fake tens and twenties.

Photo: Getty Images

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