Capital Region Thanksgiving Tradition Begins Today

Fire up the ovens!!!!

Starting this morning at 9 A.M., preparations will begin for the 48th Annual Equinox Thanksgiving Community Dinner, a Capital Region tradition.

Christina Rajotte is the Director of Development and Community Relations for Equinox.

She tells News Channel 13 the volunteers cannot wait, and there are a lot of turkeys to cook at the Empire State Plaza Concourse Kitchens.

"We have over 13,000 pounds in turkey, so it's about 840 turkeys that we'll be cooking, so everyday we cook so many..."

The culmination of four days of prep work: Thanksgiving Day.

"Sunday, we start cooking some of the turkeys and start prepping the vegetables, so peeling carrots, potatoes, and the lucky volunteers that get to peel and cut up the onions as well, so, many preparations going on Sunday, so we start Sunday, and we finish all the cooking by Wednesday."

500 turkey dinners will be served to people on Thursday showing up at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany.

9,500 turkey dinners will also be delivered to people, many whom are home-bound.

Photo: Getty Images

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