Man Sentenced to Two Decades in Prison for Public Child Abuse

20 years in prison for a 59-year-old Troy man who sexually abused a 5 and 7-year-old at the Watervliet McDonalds last August.

Kelly Tremblay's abuse was caught on a security camera at the McDonalds, however, no adults noticed the touching, but another child at the Playland saw the abuse, and told their father about it, who called police anonymously.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares tells News Channel 13 he is glad the father came forward.

"As there was a reward waiting for them here, they are responsible for putting away one of the most significant predators we've ever had here in Albany County."

Soares adds that he wants to encourage parents to have talks with their children about inappropriate behavior.

Tremblay agreed to a plea deal, but also earned the wrath of Judge Roger McDonough in court.

"Essentially, you say that they, 'asked for it,' that is a detestable statement, sir, and your acts against these children were in fact monstrous acts."

Photo: Getty Images

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