Uber Launches Food Delivery Platform in Albany

Uber is getting into food delivery in Albany with a new app called Uber Eats.  It allows people with an Uber account to order from any one of about 15 restaurants, many of which had no set-up for delivery in the past.  

Albany Pump Station owner Neil Evans said he's excited to be part of the new venture, and said he's hoping for more exposure in the city. 

One of Evans' employees told him about it. "She came to me, and I said, 'let's take a look at it.'  It was very quick, and it's a very professional outfit.  There's a lot of money behind Uber, and they have the resources to make it work."

The service launches today, and while spokesperson Danielle Filson says there are plans to expand in the near future, delivery at the moment is limited to downtown Albany and the UAlbany area. There is a $5.99 booking fee on top of the cost of the meal, plus any tip for the driver.

Albany is the 4th upstate city to get Uber Eats, after Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

photo:  WGY news

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