Capital Region Residents May Receive $10 in the Mail, But for a Good Cause

Capital Region residents may open their mail to find cold, hard cash but with warm-hearted intentions.

Leah Slocum from Peak Giving Tree in Latham has sent several hundred 10-dollar bills to area homes, with a note encouraging the recipient to pay it forward with random acts of kindness.

She spoke with News Channel 13 about her endeavor.

"Kindness is more than just money, it's more than just what you do in the community, you can smile at someone and say hi to somebody, and put your head up, instead of looking at your cell phone, and that can change that person's day, it could change that person's life."

Slocum has been moved by stories of recipients of the Peak of Kindness campaign choosing to pay it forward.

Recipients also receive a postcard that they can return to Peak Giving Tree, to nominate a friend or relative to receive their own 10-dollars.

Photo: Getty Images

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